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          Jiecan Three big brands

          01 / 03
          • GONGYU brand

            "Gong Yu" was founded in 1996 and has a history of 22 years. Mainly dedicated to the well-known domestic motorcycle engine matching, has covered Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and other parts of the motorcycle engine factory;  the establishment of more than 100 special distributors in the country, covering the motorcycle accessories wholesale market and maintenance market, high cost performance products, deeply loved by the customers, the overseas market is also famous.

            "Gong Yu" is willing to work hand in hand with all the new and old friends to create a brilliant future.

          • Ming Mao brand

            "Ming Mao" was founded in 2016; it was upgrading of motorcycle engines. Using the advanced technology of high end boron copper alloy car cylinder liner and car platform mesh, it fully solves the damage caused by the working characteristics of the tricycle at high temperature, high pressure and high impact load in the harsh environment. It is a new product with high wears resistance, high temperature resistance, fuel saving and environmental protection. It is very popular in the main engine factory.

          • HL brand

            "HL" after nearly 20 years of development, enterprises strictly according to the national related technical standards for development, design, production and quality testing, with exquisite technology and scientific management, manufacturing excellent products. While supporting the main motorcycle companies, it is also exported to overseas, and its products are very popular in East Asia, South Asia, West Asia, South America, Africa and other markets.

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